Why we do what we do!

All we want is for more people of any age or ability becoming more active, healthy and having fun on a bike. We want to remove the "but" from, "I would ride a bike, but" sentence. By providing opportunities at every stage of a child's educational years, through to and including adults, we have an intervention to do just that. Our simple programme of exciting, educational and incredibly fun offers really do make a difference.

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The Team


Mark Smith

Chief pot and bottle washer!

Tracey 2

Tracey Fletcher

If Nathan was our King of Cyclo X then Tracey is the Queen especially as she's been World Number 1, (not bad I suppose!)Tracey is in charge of all our coaches and organises all the sporting stuff we do.

Chris 2

Christine Kelly

If it's school training or inclusive cycling you're after then Christine is your woman. Brilliantly organised and keen beyond words. If you cut this woman down the middle like a stick of rock, it would say "Cycling"!

Anne staley

Anne Staley

Anne commonly known as QueenTeapot! Anne is part of the furniture having worked for Cycle Derby for over 13 years. Whether it's kids or adults she loves working with them all. She is a keen cyclist and still finds time to compete both on the road and on the track, in Masters competitions at all levels, including UCI Worlds! We love Anne.

Joe Giuliano

Joe Giuliano

Joe is one of 2 new members to the CD family. A fully qualified instructor brimming with enthusiasm for all things cycling.

Nathan Miller

Nathan Miller

My background in cycling is mainly Cyclo-Cross, where I’ve competed nationally gaining top 20 in the national championships on a number of occasions, in the elite male category.

I've been coaching Cyclo-Cross for over 20 years and I love the Cyclo-Cross days we put on for schools all over Derbyshire including the 'School Games'.

I also love teaching children to ride and have recently started teaching adults too, many of whom previously didn’t have the opportunity to learn.


Paul Milington

Millo is one of our go-to men, he is one of our busiest Adult Coaches but his real love is Learn to Ride and our Inclusive offers.

Sam maw

Sam Maw

Sam has been a Bikeability Trainer and Cycle Coach for several years and a teacher for 30 years. She loves working with the young and not so young on improving cycling skills, learning to ride and planning off and on road bike rides.

Frankie d 2

Frankie Duncan

I absolutely love riding my bikes, particularly mountain biking!! I have a long background in sports coaching and training, including cycle coaching more recently. Over the last 6 years or so I’ve worked as a cycle trainer for Cycle Derby and really enjoy watching the progression of our riders of all ability’s !

Kyalo Mwailu

Kyalo Mwailu

Mr BMX and possibly one of the most laid back people you are ever likely to meet. His ability to communicate with today's kids is incredible.

Gary f

Gary Fallon

If you asked this man to turn up at 3 in the morning to move a bucket, he'd be there. Cycle Derby couldn't happen without Gary.

Garry Leivers

Garry Leivers

You'll generally find Garry delivering with the Royal School for the Deaf as he's our official signer; yep, we cater for everyone in Cycle Derby because we have brilliant people like Garry!

Neil beasley

Neil Beasley

My cycling passions are simple. I love the freedom of the open road, especially on my touring bike... and I love the buzz of helping someone learn to ride their bike and perhaps going on to get as much enjoyment out of 2 wheeling as I do.

Pete crewe

Pete Crewe

As a life long cyclist I can’t think of a better more satisfying job than passing on my passion for cycling to the next generation of potential cyclists.

Steve summers

Steve Summers

I entered the world of cycling via Ironman triathlons where I soon realised I was better at cycling than running or swimming. Cycling is my passion, in particular track racing where I race regionally and nationally and internationally as a paracyclist. Cycling has improved my health and fitness immensely and I am driven to try and pass this on to others

Liz Spanner

Liz Spanner

Liz has only been with us a short time bit but what an impact! Always super keen to enthuse and educate everyone with her love of cycling and being active. A real asset to our team.

Amy Barnett

Amy Barnett

Amy has the biggest heart and her ability to communicate with all ages and abilities brings so much to the Team.


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